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Danit Ein-Gar

I am an associate professor at the Marketing Department at Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University and the head of Marketing department. My primary research interest is how and why people give to others in need. Giving may take many forms such as monetary donations, volunteerism, free knowledge sharing (i.e. advice giving) and emotional support etc. I am interested in exploring the new platforms of giving in the modern-digital world (donation raising apps, donation-based crowdfunding, social network campaigns) and the unique psychological processes that play at heart when people need to decide whether to give and how much to give in these platforms.

Other research avenues I am interested in are; self-control, I have developed and validated a dispositional self-control measure temporal effects in consumer behavior and finally how situational and dispositional differences in information processing shape decisions.

I am fortunate to work and collaborate with wonderful research students and colleagues, in Israel, Europe, USA and Asia.

Students collaborating with me on research

Phd and Master students

Konkov Natalia

PhD student at Coller school of management, Tel-Aviv University


PhD student at National School of Development, Peking University, China

Yu LIN (Anna)

Master student at National School of Development, Peking University, China

Research assistants


Master student at the Biology school,
Tel-Aviv university


completed his masters in Psychology at Tel-Aviv university

Alumni students

Dr. Yael Ecker

Completed her PhD in Psychology at Ben-Gurion university and is currently at the University of Cologne.

Sharon Zoizner

Completed her Msc in Tel-Aviv university,
working in Sapio Research and Development