Choosing a donation recipient

We make consumption choices every day; which coffee to order at Starbucks? Which shoes to buy on Amazon? But making consumption choices is inherently different than making donation choices.

Comparing between people in need is not as easy as comparing between shoes. Why? Because donation choices impact others’ lives. Even if it may be easy to asses who is needier, choosing to help a particular person and not someone else, still means not helping someone in need, which can be emotionally burdening.

This project focuses on the dilemmas donors face and how they deal with them when they encounter several people in need and must choose whom (and how much) to help.

The goal of this project is to help charity raising platforms such as international charities running several campaigns dedicated to helping many people in need, design customized choice-set of donation requests (i.e. several campaigns each featuring a different person in need), which enable donors to choose whom to help and to feel good about their decision.

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