Ein-Gar D. & Sagiv L. (2014). Overriding “Doing Wrong” and “Not Doing Right”: Validation of the Dispositional Self-Control Scale, Journal of Personality Assessment, 96(6), 640-653.

We present the Dispositional Self-Control (DSC) Scale, which reflects individuals’ tendency to override 2 types of temptations, termed doing wrong and not doing right.

We report a series of 5 studies designed to test the reliability and validity of the scale. As hypothesized, high DSC predicts distant future orientation and low DSC predicts deviant behaviors such as aggression, alcohol misuse, and aberrant driving. DSC also predicts task performance among resource-depleted participants.

Taken together, these findings suggest that the DSC Scale could be a useful tool toward further understanding the role of personality in overcoming self-control challenges.

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